Our Programs

First cycle: TPS, PS, MS (2-5yrs)


Pre-school aged children, from 2 to 5 years old, will be in full English immersion every morning with a native British teacher, accompanied by a French classroom assistant.  They will be able to address either person depending on their level of ease in each language. In this way, they will gradually build an understanding of each language. 

For this first cycle (TPS to MS) Montessori style workshops and other activities will be offered to the children. The teacher is a native English speaker and the assistant is French. In the afternoon, after their nap, the children will join the older students to participate in shared projects.

The rhythm and needs of each child will be respected (in agreement with the parents): in need of ‘doudou’ or ‘sucou’?  OK. Still in nappies? OK. In need of a hug? Of course!

Second cycle: Grande Section and CP/CE1

The ‘Grand Section’ (5-6 yrs) will be integrated either within Cycle 1 or 2 depending on the total number of students in the school.

In Cycle 2, we will concentrate on learning and mastering French reading and writing as well as mathematics. The teacher is bilingual. The teaching of reading and writing will be done in French and take into consideration the developmental level of each individual (we are not all ready at the same time!).

The other proposed activities will be in English. We will ask the students to reformulate in French in order to assure a thorough understanding of the subject.

In the afternoons we will join the others to learn through shared projects. 


The third cycle, CE2 CM1 CM2, will be in a bilingual group whereby teaching and learning will be conducted as much in English as in French.

Every afternoon the children will collaborate together on large projects: incorporating art, creativity, sport, humanitarianism… encouraging cooperation, sharing, empathy and a spirit of solidarity.