COLLEGE (Secondary School)

We are very proud to offer secondary education at NIS since September 2019. Our vision for this section of the school is to accompany our students as they mature into « citizens of the World ». Accompanying them in a way which will enable them to achieve their full potential, be open minded and responsible. We aim to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to welcome the challenges of their era in a way that contributes to a positive and durable society.

Our commitment to bilingual, inclusive and quality education established in the infant and primary sections of the school continues into our secondary section.

We welcome students from all nationalities in all the secondary school classes, from 6ème to 3ème (from ages 11 to 15).

Teaching is delivered in both English and French, (50% English, 50% French).

The students will have the choice of obtaining the French Brevet Diploma or the International Brevet Diploma.

At NIS we follow the French national curriculum. We enrich this curriculum with subjects that we consider essential to personal wellbeing and to the development of future generations such as philosophy, yoga, Spanish and European Culture (optional).

Our aim is not only that the students acquire subject knowledge, apply good working methods, research and analysis techniques, but also that they develop the essence of critical thinking and consideration for other points of view in order to develop true empathy, compassion and of course respect for others and the environment we live in.

Classes are deliberately kept small in order to personalize as much as possible our teaching approaches to the needs of each individual.  Our methods are continuously updated in line with the latest research on neuroscience and learning.

From the class of CM2 (age 10) a second foreign language is taught: Spanish.  In addition to this, in 6ème or 4ème the students can also choose extra options: European Culture, Spanish or Chorus Singing. These options are assessed by an oral exam and can add between 10 and 20 points towards the Brevet Diploma score.

For the secondary school students, Wednesday mornings are dedicated to group sports in a gymnasium and guided study at the library.

Brevet and International Brevet

The Brevet

The Brevet diploma is designed to assess the levels knowledge and compentencies reached at the end of secondary education. This is evaluated through a combination of continual assessment and final exams.  To obtain the diploma the required level needs to be achieved in the « socle commun » (essentiel general skills and knowledge) and in five obligatory subjects. Click on the official link to find the requirements in more detail: 

At NIS, as is the case in all private secondary education institutions, final year students (3ème) apply to sit their Brevet exams as « Candidats individuels » (independant candidates).  The application procedure is via the website for l’académie de Montpellier. All subject options chosen should be entered and validated on the website.  Exam details will be sent to your registered address at least 15 days before the start of the exams. The details will include the following: dates, times and the exam centre address.

The bref- an overview


Assessment of essential knowledge and skills (le socle commun) represents a potential total of 400 points.

Eight areas of skill and knowledge are assessed and graded during the « conseil de classe » (a meeting between teachers and parents) in the 3rd trimester of the student’s final year (3ème). Points are awarded as follows:

    • -insufficient  = 10 points

    • -Weak = 25 points

    • -Satisfactory = 40 points

    • -Very good = 50 points

    The final exams also represent a potential total of 400 points as detailed below.

    The following subjects have a potential of 100 points each:

    • -French

    • -Mathemetics 

    The following subjects have a potential of 50 points each:

    • -History/Geography

    • -Science (physics, chemistry, biology, technology)

    The oral exam has a potential of 100 points.

    Extra points can be obtained through evaluation of the selected optional subjects. Points are awarded based on achievement of established objectives.

    -10 points if the objectives have been achieved.

    -20 points if the objectives have been exceeded.

    The Brevet diploma is awarded to students who obtain at least 400 points out of the potential 800 points.

    Depending on the number of points achieved, students can also receive « mentions » (academic merits) which can help in obtaining financial scholarships. Merits are awarded as follows:

    • -Quite good – over 480 points

    • -Good – over 560 points

    • -Very good – over 640

International Brevet

Being an International School, our students can also apply as candidates for the International Brevet.  This option is not obligatory, nevertheless, NIS will do everything to ensure that each of our students are able to obtain the International Brevet (English language) should they wish.

The International Brevet consists of the same content as the classic Brevet plus two additional oral exams in « language and literature » and « history and geography ».

About Us

Narbonne International School is a French/English bilingual infant, primary and secondary school.  We are proud of our multi-cultural, bilingual, qualified team of native French and native English teachers and teaching assistants.  Teaching is delivered in either English or French according to subject matter and level of education.

The school is grouped by « cycle » (level of education: infant, primary and secondary). Class sizes are deliberately kept small in order to personalize as much as possible our teaching approaches to the needs of each individual whilst ensuring positive group dynamics and a productive working environment.